Singapore, sickness and storms

No updates yesterday because it was a big mess. After we arrived a we had quick dinner of nasi lemak, poplar and nasi Goreng at the hawker stalls opposite, then collapsed into bed.

Woke up okay, had a swim, went out for a really good laksa from Janggut Laksa, a shop with over 50 years of history behind it and located in the same building as the hotel.

Walked around, had more snacks, bought some kuih. Then headed back to the hotel where I promptly exploded into the toilet.

I felt rotten. I really didn’t feel like flying. Being sick, all the stress of the past month, the lack of sleep, everything just hit me. And the fear of turbulence from the big storm clouds outside.

But we had to check out and make our way to the airport for our flight to Taiwan.

I was sick at the airport.

We went to the Qantas lounge to rest.

Just after we got in I received a phone call from our neighbour that our house had been damaged by a tree felled by a huge storm.

Almost panicking, we left the lounge, went down the Jetstar desk and cancelled our journey.

The Jetstar staff were very good about it. It took a while but we eventually got our bag, booked a room and caught a taxi to the Ibis Bencoolen.

Fortunately my Accor membership got us an upgraded room with free overseas calls.

Apart from a trip out for some not so good carrot (radish) cake and prawn noodles from the Albert Street food centre (tip, never queue in Singapore for food, it’s usually bad) the rest of the night and this morning were spent dealing with home insurance and trying to get the damage inspected.

We had breakfast of roti canai at Singapore Zam Zam and all agreed that it was poor.

B and Alex have gone off to the aquarium. I’m still feeling rotten and am resting at the hotel.

We are skipping Hong Kong now and flying direct to Taiwan at stupid’o’clock with Scoot. I’m not looking forward to the flight.




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